Toxic Mindsets

Success Is Just Not Worth It

This is a very tricky toxic mindset because it actually has many moving parts. Some people end with this conclusion because they feel they don't want to sell out their real values.

Others would say, "I just want to preserve my soul, and I feel like I'm going to lose my soul in this wild dash for success." Others say they don't want to lose their identity. “I just want to remain true to myself.” “I want to remain myself.” How common are these sayings to you? Chances are, you’ve heard these many times. In fact, you might be saying this to yourself at some level or other or in some form or other.

Regardless of how you phrase it or how often you say these things, just because you repeat this thinking, it doesn’t make it go away. What’s the bottom line? These are all excuses!

These are all excuses because success can be part of your identity. It can be part of your soul. It can be part of your core intrinsic values that you would never give up for anything. You're just giving yourself an excuse for not trying or for not trying again.

Maybe you got burned in the past. Maybe you got disappointed badly. Whatever the case may be, you can’t use the past as an excuse to keep you from doing something about your situation in the here and now.

Success is worth it because it improves you. It pushes you to be a more excellent person. It teaches you the value of sacrifice. It enables you to gain a sense of meaning in your day to day life. Living a life of purpose is one of the most important gifts you can ever give yourself.

When you take action every day, it is very empowering to realize that it leads somewhere big.