Toxic Mindsets

Success And Money Aren’t Everything

Isn't it interesting the people who say money isn't everything are usually people who want a lot of money? The same applies to people who tried and failed to achieve great success in their lives.

When you say these things to yourself, you're basically just engaging in the sour grapes syndrome. That's what you're doing.

You're saying, "Oh, it wasn't worth the hassle anyway. I'll focus on something else. There are higher values in life."

Well, if they were so valuable, why weren't you pursuing them in the first place? Why are you treating them now as some sort of consolation prize?

Stop playing this game with yourself. You're basically just giving yourself an excuse not to improve or shoot for greatness.

Let me end this section with the thought that money is not everything.  There are many things, family, friends and health come to mind right away.  Of course, a personal relationship with Christ is at the top of my list but there are many other things that fit on that list but, don’t let that list become a list of excuses.