Toxic Mindsets

Real Change Is Impossible

This toxic mindset is not as absolute as you think. People who suffer from this mindset actually phrase it in many different ways depending on the circumstances, but it still all leads to the same disappointing result.

Either you say that something is flat out impossible, or things are not right. You're just waiting for the right set of circumstances, and then maybe you'll take action.

At other times, you say to yourself, "This is not the right time to take the opportunity." Alternatively, you convince yourself that you don't have enough resources right now.

Whatever the case may be, they all lead to the same place: you do not change. You have all the justification you need to continue to do things the exact same way you’ve always done them. You understand that change can truly improve your life. That’s not the problem. Willingness is not the issue. Instead, you just feel that you can’t change because of so many things going on in your life as well as how the past played out.

You have to get rid of this idea.

Please understand that real change is possible, but it is chosen. It is something that you decide on. It is something that you commit to and work for.

You're not waiting for the right circumstances, the right time, the right resources or the right people to come about. They don't have to. You just have to believe that real change is possible, and things will present themselves because your mind is open to change.

But the more you wait for the proper factors to appear; the less likely change will happen. You just doomed change because you believed, at some level or another, that it's impossible. If you think something is simply not going to happen you subconsciously won’t put much effort into it.