Toxic Mindsets


I know you're excited. If you're going through this training, I believe you truly want to start and build your online business.  I believe you truly want to put the security back in your Golden Years and enjoy the lifestyle you worked for most of your life. You can't wait to adopt the right mindset later so I felt like we needed to look into some of the most common and dangerous mindsets people have.

I call these Mindset Roadblocks because they are mindsets that actually keep us from being able to change our other mindsets. The problem is, you, like most of us, are hanging onto a few "toxic" mindsets that undermine you.

You have to clear these out first before you adopt positive mindsets. Otherwise, these toxic mindsets will degrade, impede, or otherwise negatively affect the new mindset that you're trying to adopt, and you end up nowhere.

Get rid of these toxic mindsets so you can be in a better position to reprogram yourself for better success. Let’s see what the most common of these toxic mindsets are.