Toxic Mindsets

I Need To Change – Tomorrow

Don't play this game with yourself. Don't, on the one hand, say to yourself that you need to change, and you are ready to do it and you're willing to do it, but you're going to wait until tomorrow.

You have to understand if you're waiting to have time, you'll never have time. There will always be some sort of duty or responsibility or obligation that will pop up out of nowhere and you never get to make the changes you need to make.

Similarly, tomorrow will never come. The moment you say "I'm going to do something, but I'll do it tomorrow," you set yourself up to lose because there will always be something of a higher priority. There will be certain unexpected things that will show up and knock you off track.

So, stop playing this game. Do it now. Make the changes now. Commit today. Take action in the here and now.

The great thing about starting now is pretty soon you get used to the challenges. By starting as soon as possible, you learn the lessons you need to learn and go through the hoops you need to go through sooner. If you’re going to go through this process anyway at some point in the future, why not get it over with now?