Toxic Mindsets

I Don’t Deserve Success

This is a very common toxic mindset. People, of course, would not admit to it, but deep down inside, they're thinking it.

Maybe they have failed a lot in the past. In fact, they think that they've screwed up so badly that they really do not deserve a break. They really do not deserve success. They end up defining themselves through the prism of their frustrations. They personalized their failures and setbacks in the rawest emotional terms.

For people with this mindset, failure is not just something that happens when people strive for greatness or goals, instead, failure is some sort of cosmic punishment. It comes at the end of some sort of moral judgment and it burns deep. It cuts to the bones and cannot be escaped. It is permanent, final and relentless in condemnation. Talk about stifling and paralyzing.

Others come from traumatic backgrounds. Their self-esteem is so low they feel they are not worth changing. They feel others' needs come before theirs. They look at themselves as some sort of emotional doormat.

Please understand the only person who can decide whether you deserve success or not is you. You call the shots. Nobody can judge you and say, "You don't deserve success. Somebody else does."

You have to claim that success and say that you deserve it because ultimately, this is self-judgment. You've been declaring yourself guilty all this time. Isn't it time to decide otherwise? You know how harsh it feels. You know the kind of lousy results you get when you do this. Why not change things up? Start today.

Being in the ministry I have seen far too many times when people feel they are not worthy of God’s love or forgiveness.  Nothing could be further from the truth and saying you do not deserve success is just as far from the truth.