A one punch knock out is very rare!

I’ve a lot of email lately, asking if email was
still king of the online world?

Trust me, e-mail is still the #1 tool for marketing
on the Internet. It’s still the stuff 6 figure
businesses are made of and it’s still way under

Over the course of the next few days I’m
going to share my favorite email marketing
ideas on this blog. They should help you to
ramp up your efforts and help you toward success

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Giving Away The Farm

Today let’s talk about that. But first, here is your limited time offer.

Giving away the farm implies giving away products and/or services for nothing in return.

Although that may be true in many instances the best example I have comes from The Bible. Jesus gives us everything then builds a relationship with us.

I am not Christ so I have much less to offer but the idea remains the same. I need to do something that will allow you and I to build a relationship, something that will allow you to know, like and trust me.

There were people who followed Christ as long as they were receiving from Him and walked away when He told them they had to do some things themselves.

That is still true today. Some people will follow you and read your emails and blog post until you tell them it is time for them to take action then, they walk away.

The good news about that situation is you do not need to take it personal, some people are just that way. Also the people who stay will be the ones you can build a relationship with and help.
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No Content Today

Like the subject line says, “No Content Today”, but you can click on the banner and get a free limited time offer. No optin, just get the report, it’s free.

(If you don’t see the bright yellow banner you missed the free limited time offer)

Send me an email and I will see what we can do to get you the information!

Thank you for being on our mailing list and visiting our blog. No content today just the opportunity to let us know how we can help.

Dave and I always try to supply you with current content you can use in our blog posts. We know it doesn’t always fit everyone perfectly that is why I am making this post today.

If you will leave a comment letting us know what we can do we will do our best to help you.

We will make a list and work on the topic with the most requests right away.

Don’t for get to include your web site URL when you submit your comment. That way everyone will see it.

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Affiliate Marketing Isn’t A Complete System

A subscriber asked me about the first email.

He said “Why did you call it the earn while you learn affiliate system?”

“Surely, affiliate marketing is a complete system?”

He’s right and wrong.

To me it’s a bit like going for a run to lose weight. Sure it
works and you can probably achieve your weight loss goals if
that’s all you do.

In that sense, it’s a “complete system”.

BUT, you make life harder than it has to be.

Look at option two:
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Do you have a Walmart in your life?

I recently read an article on Tiffany Dow’s blog titled “What’s The Walmart In Your Life?”. It is not an endorsement for or a slam against Walmart. It is however, something that will make you stop and think. Which is exactly what I did.

We all have Walmarts in our lives. Some place we have to go or something we have to do that messes up our whole day.

If you live where I live going to Walmart can kill a complete day of productive activity since it is almost 20 miles to the nearest one. Of course so are the rest of the stores and our bank so we try to do it all in one trip.

I don’t like going to Walmart but, my wife loves to shop there and there are things we can get cheaper there than anywhere else. My problem is I like to get in, get what I want and get out and at Walmart you always have to shop.
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