Hello, My name is Dr. Clyde Reid, Please allow me to share some information about myself.

PUT PIC OF YOURSELF HEREI have been in offline service businesses most of my adult life. I have not worked a JOB in over 2 years. I have money coming in from my Internet business and I still have money coming in from my offline business. If I can generate residual income from a brick and mortar business and build an Internet business I can help you do the same with an Internet business. If you will listen to what I say and take action.

Because I am a preacher I live my Internet lifestyle traveling and preaching where ever my wife and I are needed.

I have made several attempts over the years and created successful and unsuccessful businesses on the Internet. I have gotten disgusted and given up more than once but have always come back to try again. After many tries and a long list of purchases, I finally realized I had been “scammed” and lied to. I also learned a few important things that had been deliberately hidden from me.

I was never told the whole truth on how to be successful online. I had to figure that out on my own or at least with the help of a very close friend, Dave Main, with whom I eventually became partners with on some ventures. It is my hope to save you time, money and avoid or at least minimize the disappointments I have already experienced.

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