Just Be Yourself

Email has come a long way since the Wild,Wild West days of 2006.

Back then you could pretty much do what you wanted and make money.

Then ‘spam scores’ and junk mail folders came to town. Like Clint Eastwood in a Western, everyone was forced to sit up and take notice.

Open rates went down, click-thru rates went down and our attention spans were shot to bits.

Email certainly is not dead but…

What do you do?!


You break from the herd, zig when they zag and remember that time and technology change but, people don’t.

Our psychology, emotional and basic needs are the same now as they were hundreds or even thousands of years ago.

In my opinion, the best kept email marketing secret is the one everyone overlooks because it’s so dead simple and easy.

For the sake of your bank balance, don’t ignore this idea and you need to learn to:

“Write it like you would say it”. Just write your email and blog post like you were talking to a friend.

Let your personality shine through and, yes, just like the real world some people won’t like you.

The rest of the world, and this is the important bit, will like you while a small group will LOVE you.

When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one. If you don’t share opinions you’re nothing but a politician telling everyone what they want to hear.

Just be yourself, don’t try to be someone else.

Seriously. This simple tip is a BIG thing that will separate you from the crowd and make writing your emails and blog posts a whole lot easier.

Next we’re going to talk MWR. The most important thing you need before writing an email.

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2 Responses to Just Be Yourself

  1. Hi Dr. Clyde,

    Your words definitely ring true with me in this post. I think finding the small group who will love what you have to say is very important.

    We have to remember the potential audience on the internet is huge, and a fraction of that is still a very large number.

    I always try to write the way I would speak if in a conversation with a friend, and my posts are usually about what’s on my mind at the time.

    Thanks for always giving me something to think about.
    Steven Stuart recently posted..(At Least) Six Ways to Increase Comments on Your Blog!

  2. Clyde says:

    Thank you so much for being faithful to come and see what I have to say and even more for leaving your comments.

    It is nice to know that others are having the same thoughts and taking the same or similar actions. Helps me not feel like I am the only that has to deal with stuff like this.

    As always I hope my experiences are helping you and others.

    I have got to go back and read you 6 ways to increase comments post again and make sure I am doing everything I can.

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