Writing better email with MWR

What is MWR you ask? We will get to take right away but first let me ask you a question.

Remember the old adage “Fail to plan, then plan to fail”?

Same’s true of emails.

Big time, trust me.

Before you write a single word you need to stop and decide what you really want to achieve when you hit that send button?

Before you write the headline, the body or the P.S. of your email you HAVE to ask “What’s my Most Wanted Response?”

What do you REALLy want people who read your email to do.

Sounds obvious but, think about it.

The purpose of your email might be to:

[+] Open your email tomorrow,
[+] Build anticipation for a new product,
[+] Train and educate your list,
[+] Click on the link and read,
[+] Click on the link and buy,
[+] Click on a link and opt-in,
[+] To know, like and trust you,

Maybe you train your list and educate them to your way of thinking, your way of doing stuff and if they don’t like what you got to say they can leave.

Sounds harsh, sounds aggressive but you don’t need to say it that way. You just need to be yourself and let people know where you stand.

That means listening as much as you talk while still standing your ground. The great side effect of this is it leaves you with a list of action takers who agree with almost everything you say.

Tiffany Dow is one the best examples of this I know of. She is straight forward to the point of some times seeming to be hard but she is always helpful and shares information you NEED to hear.

See the bigger picture?

There’s more than one way to write an email.

The biggest side effect is building more relationships and making more money. So make sure you know what your MWR or “Most Wanted Response” really is.

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