Don’t Be A Copy Cat

You need to stand our from the crowd

Don’t think that using headlines with the words killer, avalanche,
explosion and crusher are going to do anything.

Think about it.

“How to be a killer affiliate”

“Discover the Commission explosion system”

“How to get an income avalanche”

They mean nothing.

Unless you want to be an affiliate who shoots people, blow-up your commissions or have income fall off a cliff top. Maybe having income
fall off a cliff on top of you is not a bad idea bur you get the idea

The purpose of your subject line is to simply get your email opened. It’s to stand out from the rest of the crowd and say

“Hey” Open me I’m interesting and useful!”

To do this you have to know what your list is interested in. You must know why people join your list and what they expect from you.

Everyone wants to know “What’s in it for me”. They’re only interested in stuff that’s going to help them until they get to know you.

Now there’s a million ways to write a great headline but, without doubt, the most talked about formula comes back to this:

Benefit + Curiosity = Eyeballs

Why a benefit works is obvious. We’re all interested in stuff that helps us and improves our lives.

Curiosity on the other hand is like an itch you can’t scratch. It drives us nuts and we just have to find out.

When someone says “I have a secret…” and says nothing more. The desire to find out kills us.

Apply the formula and reveal a benefit your readers are desperate for without revealing it, creating curiosity, and you’ll have them opening your emails on autopilot.

Now there’s more to writing great subject lines and emails and I’ve another great tip in my next blog post that applies to both your
subject lines and email body.

Here’s a tip to get you started though. Create a swipe file.

Check out all the email you get each day. When an email grabs your eye or causes you to open it, study it.

Then create a folder for the best emails you receive and keep them for reference and brain storming ideas when you write your own KILLER subject lines!

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4 Responses to Don’t Be A Copy Cat

  1. Hi Dr. Clyde,

    You make some great points, especially with so much junk email coming into our inboxes these days.

    You’re totally right about the headline’s importance, because no matter how good the body of the email, it’s wasted if it doesn’t get opened.

    The swipe file is a really good idea. Actually, I’ve been doing something similar for a while, but I use it for blog post ideas. Sometimes just a word or two that someone says will start me off on a whole train of thought.

    Thanks, Clyde. – Steve

  2. Clyde says:

    Good to see you back. Missed seeing your comments on the last couple of posts.

    Glad this stuff is making sense to someone besides me. Also hope you are getting some use out of the free gifts.

    Thanks for stopping by,

    • Clyde says:

      Thanks for the heads up on the comments being turned off.

      I originally thought it was because it was a short post and there was not a “read more” link but I clicked on the headline and went to the post and still no comment area.

      I am not sure how that happened because I can find a way to turn comments on and off for individual posts. I am going to keep looking and if I find it I will fix it.

      Looks like another one of those “Go figure” moments.


    • Hey Clyde,

      On your previous post (“Writing better email with MWR”), your comments seem to have been turned off, and the “Leave a Reply” section wasn’t showing up.

      I didn’t know if that was intentional or not.

      My CommentLuv plugin stopped working for a while, but now it works if I leave out the “www” when I type in my URL.

      Go figure.

      Thanks, buddy. – Steve
      Steven Stuart recently posted..Feeling (and sharing) the Luv!

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