Market Like FOX News

This is not a guide published by FOX news  but you can learn to market like FOX, NBC, CBS and all the other big news media guys.

This is powerful. I can’t remember who  first shared this tip but you can see  it LIVE in action on the news.

Everyday, and it’s a little worrying!

First off we just want to entertained.

I mean, the news is the news right?

If you want to see what’s going on around  the other side of the world, get the  facts on a war, famine or disaster then surely you just tune it and download.

Right? Wrong!

News has become educational entertainment.

Or what email marketer Matt Furey calls info-tainment.

This is a big tip in marketing. Yeah, sure everyone wants to learn how to make a million bucks a month.

But that’s not enough anymore. Really!

They want to be educated and entertained all at the same time.

Life’s too boring and we all love a drama so give it them baby.

Infotain you market and make education interesting and you’ll have them opening your emails and sharing your name like no body knows.

Second, we love a cliff hanger.

They do this on the news too. They reveal a breaking story… after this commercial break or ‘later’ on in the show.

Stuff designed to keep you watching.

I did this in the previous email where we talked about headlines. I mentioned a final tip I’d be revealing in this email.

Did it work? You might not remember but you opened the email right? Does it have
an impact on a sub-conscious level?


But a cliff hanger works. In the news, on our favorite TV shows and in email.

There you have it, infortain your readers and through in a few cliff-hangers for great effect!

Take care and see you in the next email.

It’s not one for wussies, sissies or cry-babies… trust me!

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One Response to Market Like FOX News

  1. Steven says:

    Hi Dr. Clyde,

    You’re right about it being all about entertainment. I don’t think I’ve seen the news really reported since Walter Cronkite, or Huntley and Brinkley.

    I think the most important part of a post is the headline. If it don’t get their curiosity up, they won’t bother reading the body of the post.

    The cliff-hanger certainly helps to get them back for the next one, too.

    Good analogy.

    Thanks, Clyde. – Steve

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