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Market Like FOX News

This is not a guide published by FOX news  but you can learn to market like FOX, NBC, CBS and all the other big news media guys. This is powerful. I can’t remember who  first shared this tip but you can … Continue reading

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If you want to soar with Eagles, you have to stop flocking with TURKEYS!

The first thing you need to do is STOP! Stop, trying to find that golden nugget that is going to run on auto-pilot! Sorry it does not exist and the people selling them are ripping you off. The business end … Continue reading

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Don’t Be A Copy Cat

You need to stand our from the crowd Don’t think that using headlines with the words killer, avalanche, explosion and crusher are going to do anything. Think about it. “How to be a killer affiliate” “Discover the Commission explosion system” … Continue reading

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